In Anniversary of Aaron Swartz.

Why in the world would America want to destroy a young man like Aaron.  I love this young woman’s post.  She is brilliant and brave.  She is everything we would want our daughters to be. Swartz is everything we would want our sons to become.  I love her comments on Swartz.  I think we have to continue to teach our children to have faith when things are bad, that life will come back to them. To take the experience however horrifying and make the most of it.  Knowing that so much can be learned from it, like Boyd mentions and like Tim DeChristopher did during his time in prison, use it to advance your cause.  Easy for me to say, hard to imagine how scared he must have been.  I am also so angry he is gone, I am so angry so many people are taking their lives during this very difficult time.  From our returning military, to our bullied children and our tormented activists.  We have to fight to bring the balance back to tolerance, experience and education. On a more inhuman point, why would you want to take tax payer dollars to incarcerate a young man like Aaron for 50 years.  Why… it makes no sense. What a waste of money, time in the courts, talent this young man could have given to society.  What a loss for our world.  What at heartbreak for all Americans.  Obama please stop this stupidity, everyone else, MIT, you and I, lets start stepping up and take the lead and bring some humanity back into this world.

From Danah Boyd

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