Link: Mentally Ill Man Murdered By Police

Mentally Ill Man Murdered By Police

This man was mentally ill, not on drugs and was beaten to death by police.  This is happening and it can not be allowed to continue.  The police can not use the excuse that he resisted arrest and thus deserves to be beaten, clubbed or shot to death.  This man was unarmed.  Watch the video and imagine he is your son or daughter.  It could be any of our children, our husbands, our wives, our friends.  They were acquitted of criminal charges.  My only comment here is this is not something that can be tolerated in America.  One human being can not do what happened here to another and most especially a large number of police officers whos very duty it is to protect its citizen even from themselves.  They held him down and beat him to death.  I don’t know if anyone watching was yelling at the cops, how does an ordinary citizen step in here and try and help this man who is being beaten in the face with fists and what looks like a flashlight. The face of all places.  What did they think was going to happen.  I want to say I am sorry to the family, I want to say thank you to the citizen who took this video and caught these officers beating to death an ill young man.  I want to say to the parents that I and many people I know believe he was murdered and that we are sorry you are living this nightmare but that I am with you.  I am sorry this happened.  It was wrong, he was unarmed and he was murdered.


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