Huck: Dems say women can’t control libido | MSNBC

You have to watch the video.  What a silly man.  Does he thinks it’s women that have to control themselves?  We don’t get pregnant without some help, in fact a lot of help.  No sperm means no baby, so I don’t think our libido is the problem.  My mother had six children and is a catholic, and could barely afford to take care of us and keep us in the middle class.  Thank God my father worked 12 hour days and was in the gun business.  I would like him to know she had five girls in a row.  I was the youngest of the girls, and we were all less than a year apart.  Finally our priest told her in confession that it was ok to go on birth control.  Thank god for her and my father.  My husband is from a farm family of eight.  Craziness.  How do you provide food, shelter, medical care and education for eight children. Especially when the Mr. Huckabees of the world  take advantage of their workers and don’t support middle class hard working families.  They don’t support college education for us, and they don’t support low cost medical care for us.  I have two children, one at NYU and another working towards his masters at Cardinal Stritch, and before that he was at Marquette University. Sorry to be so frank but are my husband and I not to….well….hmmm…how do I put this…are we not to do anything for…well lets do the math Huck….married 26 years…..x 365 days a year….9,490 days…so 2 kids….so for 9,488 days…do we hold hands?  Pregnancy has to be planned.  A responsible person, a responsible man or woman is going to plan their children, are we supposed to not be with our husbands or wives for what, a year?  For myself and husband, years?  He is a goof ball.  Ok, I know, gone too far but seriously.  How does he think this entire thing works.  Folks, all women and men need to have access to affordable birth control, if they wish.  Huck you can do as you will, but I love my husband.  You talk about less government and no gun control, yet you want to control my libido and my husbands. Stay out of my family planning and let my husband and I do what we like.  By the way, it’s cheaper for America to help pay for women’s birth control than for women to have all of these babies, like my mother and my husband’s mother did.

Huck: Dems say women can’t control libido | MSNBC.

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