Cancer Treatment Centers to move HQ to Florida from Schaumburg

Cooperate Welfare in Florida, it can’t pay its workers but this for profit company, not so much.  The rich get richer.

According to the Washington Post, founder Stephenson is one of the primary funding sources for the right-wing Tea Party organization Freedom Works.[9][10]

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was the subject of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint in 1993. The FTC alleged that CTCA made false claims regarding the success rates of certain cancer treatments in CTCA’s marketing and promotional materials. This claim was settled in March 1996, requiring CTCA to discontinue use of any unsubstantiated claims in their advertising.[6] CTCA is also required to have proven, scientific evidence for all statements regarding the safety, success rates, endorsements, and benefits of their cancer treatments. CTCA was also required to follow various steps in order to report compliance to the FTC per the settlement. A 2013 Reuters special report stated that CTCA continues to make misleading survival rate claims on it’s website.[7]

In 2001, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued CTCA a Warning Letter concerning three clinical trials that were conducted in violation of FDA requirements.[8]

Cancer Treatment Centers to move HQ to Florida from Schaumburg.

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