Bridenstine’s townhall gone wrong | MSNBC

What I find most interesting is that not only is she talking about the president and having him killed, she is talking about our Muslin friends who live in this country.  This is happening in this country and can not be tolerated.  This idea of not liking something so it gives you the right to request its execution or to kill it is insane.  Its is not apart of what God wants of its people and its just wrong on every front.

The fact that this group clearly did not vote for the current president as some of my friends did not.  This group does not seem to understand that over 50% of the American citizens did vote for this president.  We can not tolerate anyone talking about executing a president.  Whether it be Obama or Bush.  When we went to war in Iraq and lost all of those young men and women due to the Bush lie regarding chemical weapons folks did not talk about the need for his execution.  He did a horrific thing bringing this country into a war that never ends.  Many of us did not support his views however it is intolerable to requests his execution even when billions of dollars have been spent and so many of our peoples lives have been lost and injured.

Bridenstine’s townhall gone wrong | MSNBC.


One thought on “Bridenstine’s townhall gone wrong | MSNBC

  1. Don’t Forget Mr.Obama hired 6 Muslims as advisers .MSNBC is the center of gathering the most hateful liberal on the face of the earth.They are more concerned about Michael Sam sexuality than finding out who murdered our Heroes in Ben Ghazi /Libya in 9/11/12.

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