What School Grades Measure Best: Family Income

For those of you that may not be aware. I spent six years on the Duluth School Board, the second largest school district in Minnesota. In that time I attended many conferences and was a part of many committees. It was an important part of my education as an adult. What I learned is exactly what is being written in this study.

I encourage all of you to support you public teachers, they need funding, they need salaries.  They don’t need more testing.  The children from low income communities need licensed staff and more time in the school learning and loving the process of learning.  It is interesting to me that States are cutting salaries, adding more testing and reducing licensing of teachers in the public sector but the private corporations running the voucher schools do not have the same requirements regarding testing while running a low salary, no licensing process and the pushing out of special needs students that is not tolerated in the public school system.


I support private schools, schools like Marquette High School, Brookfield Academy, Marquette University and NYU.  My children have gone to them since we moved to Milwaukee in 2002, however I don’t support destroying public schools to prop up private corporations.  The requirements for everything from licensed teachers, to testing, to salaries needs to be the same if public dollars are going to be diverted from public schools to private corporations.  Bottom line for me.  You don’t take public money and give to a private entity.  Take responsibility for your business of educating children and support your local public schools.

What School Grades Measure Best: Family Income.


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