It’s all about getting our heart rate up and getting some exercise.  It is the drug of life, whats good for our heart is good for our head, so it says. Another way to think about dementia – Harvard Health

Source: Another way to think about dementia – Harvard Health


How to Get a Job at Google –

This is a great article regarding how we raise our children, and what true grit really is.  Parenting needs to take into account not just the present moment of children, but the consequences of those moments on a child’s future. 

And it is not just humility in creating space for others to contribute, says Bock, it’s “intellectual humility. Without humility, you are unable to learn.” It is why research shows that many graduates from hotshot business schools plateau. “Successful bright people rarely experience failure, and so they don’t learn how to learn from that failure,” said Bock.

How to Get a Job at Google –