The Circus Will Leaving Town, Soon

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“Yo… Come Get Your Children!”


White Supremacists March with Torches in Charlottesville

One of the frustrations of having been a student of US History is the recognition of the ahistorical nature of our society. Every time we see something that is a direct connection to our history we hear people talking about it as if it were a brand new thing. This past weekend we saw yet another example of how White supremacy remains an ongoing thread throughout American society and culture. The so-called alt-right and White nationalists marched through Charlottesville, Virginia in a show of force. Their protest was met by a counter protest and before long one of the White nationalists drove his car into a crowd of counter demonstrators killing a young woman. Additionally, two law enforcement officers in a helicopter monitoring the protests were killed when their chopper crashed.

Our airways are filled with outrage about the presence of these White nationalists but frankly they represent exactly what…

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Where You’re Not

I see the world and I love this.

Chartwell West

Daniel was a rare and talented warrior.

He was razor sharp. He picked things up so quickly it was like he’d seen it all before. His eyes would latch on to someone when they talked like he was quietly downloading them. He was strong and tough, viciously so, if he needed to be. We beat him down like we beat down the others so that we could build them back up. But he never flinched. He never lost that deep set, dark stare. He refused to be broken down. Perhaps because we could never build him back better than he already was.

It was his home, not ours, but he had traveled further than any of us to be where he was. 

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Fascinating, I had no idea. From their post.

Issue: PREVENTING WASTE FROM OIL & GAS DRILLING (Deadline: ongoing)CW-Methane

Target: Congressman Scott Tipton, Senator Cory Gardner

Action: Call Rep. Tipton: 970-241-2499 or 202-225-4761, Call Sen. Gardner: (970) 245-9553 or (303) 391-5777 or (202) 224-5941

Key messages: Let your elected officials in Congress know that ending the rule that limits methane leaks and waste is not in our best interests.

1. I do not want oil and gas companies to waste natural gas or leak methane from operations conducted on public land. The current rule is necessary to protect clean air.

2. The current rule is good for taxpayers. I want the public to continue to receive royalties for natural gas produced on public lands.

3. Already since 2013, over $1.5 billion worth of natural gas has been wasted. Loosening oversight will increase waste. Keep the rule in tact.

4. Wiping out carefully constructed standards at the whim of the oil and gas industry endangers our climate, pollutes our air, and costs American taxpayers money.

Please do not vote to dismantle this important rule.Capital Watch : Wilderness WorkshopSource: Capital Watch : Wilderness Workshop

Our National Public Land is being sold for private interest and to individuals who have that kind of money.  We don’t need the money, we need our land so we, our children and our grandchildren can see these beautiful and remote places. New bill calls for sale of 3 million acres of BLM land across 10 states | Aspen Daily News Online

Local conservation organization Wilderness Workshop came out swinging on Friday, rallying its members to oppose a bill that calls for the sale of 3.3 million acres of Bureau of Land Management lands across 10 Western states, including Colorado.

Source: New bill calls for sale of 3 million acres of BLM land across 10 states | Aspen Daily News Online

Noam Chomsky, this is really perfect, I love his discussion about make America great again, and listen at the 8:00 minute mark. This is so well put. The resistance needs to stay calm, focused and work on each battle, it is going to be a long war. But as he said, it is possible to pull this back to the middle. My husband and I are hopeful we can do this before too much of our national lands, waters, and resources are plundered and our human rights are trampled.